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Valid from 22 April 2019

 If your medical is not issued on the day, then you may incur a charge for extra case management. Follow the link below for more information.

Case management fees will be charged at an hourly rate, with a minimum charge of £50 for each separate episode of decrease in fitness. As a guide, simple case work may be  £50 - £100 and complex case work may be £100 - £360.  This is intended as a guide based on a maximum of two hours extra work, and you will need to discuss further with your AME for a more accurate estimate of cost.  Please see the section on the website explaining typical casework activities.

All prices are EXCLUSIVE of VAT.

VAT Number: 320 4168 43


Approved Activity



Medical Examination £160 £150

Review Appointment












Lipid Screen



AME Online CAA Fee






Decrease in fitness



ECG over read by Cardiologist




Class 1 Examination with Haemaglobin (Hb)  £194 plus VAT

Class 1 Examination with Hb and ECG £264 plus VAT

Class 1 Examination with Hb, ECG and Audiogram £304 plus VAT



Class 2 Examination without ECG £158 plus VAT

Class 2 Examination with ECG £228 plus VAT



Casework will be charged at £180 per hour plus VAT

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