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Valid from 22 April 2019

Following the closure of the Aeromedical Centre at Gatwick by the UK CAA in February 2016, AMEs are now performing case management activities formerly undertaken by the CAA medical department. This has resulted in a large increase in workload for AMEs, and is reflected in the scale of fees. If your medical is not issued on the day, then you may incur a charge for extra case management. Follow the link below for more information.

Case management fees will be charged at an hourly rate, with a minimum charge of £50 for each separate episode of decrease in fitness. As a guide, simple case work may be  £50 - £100 and complex case work may be £100 - £360.  This is intended as a guide based on a maximum of two hours extra work, and you will need to discuss further with your AME for a more accurate estimate of cost.  Please see the section on the website explaining typical casework activities.

All prices are EXCLUSIVE of VAT.

VAT Number: 320 4168 43


Approved Activity



Cabin Crew

Medical Examination £160 £150 £120

Review Appointment
















Lipid Screen




AME Online CAA Fee








Decrease in fitness




ECG over read by Cardiologist





Class 1 Examination with Haemaglobin (Hb)  £194 plus VAT

Class 1 Examination with Hb and ECG £264 plus VAT

Class 1 Examination with Hb, ECG and Audiogram £304 plus VAT



Class 2 Examination without ECG £158 plus VAT

Class 2 Examination with ECG £228 plus VAT


Cabin Crew Examination £120 plus VAT


Casework will be charged at £180 per hour plus VAT

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