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Dr. Homer graduated as a doctor from The University of Sheffield Medical School in 1992. She trained as an Anaesthetist and worked as a Consultant Anaesthetist in Birmingham until 2017. Her interest in Aviation Medicine started when she trained as a pilot and obtained a PPL in 2011. She was appointed by the CAA to perform aviation medicals in 2012, and was awarded a Diploma in Aviation Medicine (DAvMed) bu the Faculty of Occupational Health Medicine in 2018. As well as running Medflight Services, Dr Homer works at the Aeromedical Centre "Centreline" in London and at NATS in Swanwick, performing Initial Class 1 and 3 medicals.  She is also part of the Aeromedical Services group practice and works with Dr Ken Dawson, and Dr Ben Empson. She has approval to perform the following:


EASA Class 1

EASA Class 2

EASA Cabin Crew
UK CAA Class 1

European Class 3


Please note Dr Homer no longer performs LAPL medicals.


Dr Ben Empson MB ChB, MRCP UK Graduated from Sheffield University in 1993 then completed a medical rotatioon in Nottingham before training as a GP. Ben works half time as a GP at the Laurie Pike Health centre in Birmingham previously having been an Honorary clinical lecturer for Birmingham university. He works in the group practice alongside  Dr Lucinda Homer and Dr Ken Dawson. He has approval to perform the following:

EASA Class 2 


EASA Cabin Crew

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