Cabin Crew medical

What to expect at your Cabin Crew medical?


The medical will take about 30 minutes.

You will need to come prepared. Please bring:

  • Photo identification
  • Your old medical certificate (if relevant)
  • Glasses and prescription (if relevant)


You will complete the application form, which we will then go through together.

The medical involves a physical examination of heart, lungs, abdomen and nervous system. You will have your height, weight, pulse and blood pressure measured. You will have your vision and ears assessed. You will be required to provide a sample of urine for testing (I will supply a pot).


If you meet the medical standards required, I will issue the certificate (“attestation”) on the day of your medical.


If you do not meet the standards required, then you will be assessed as “unfit”. You may need to have further tests and submit reports from other specialists. I will be able to guide you through the process. All extra costs incurred, are your responsibility.


If you are made “unfit”, I will charge for the time I spend reviewing your case. This time is typically spent on “casework” and comprises: writing referrals, reviewing specialist reports, communicating with you, communicating with the CAA medical department. You may require a review appointment with me if the casework has been complicated.


What will the medical cost?


Please click this link to be taken to the “Fees” page

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